Steven L. Alexander

Steven Alexander with camera, c 1975Steven Alexander, Cinematographer/Photographer
April 19, 1939 – December 22, 2012

Obituary news release can be downloaded here (information has been updated):
Steven L. Alexander – filmed Ruby shooting Oswald – obit press release updated 12-28-12

Selected photos of and by Steven L. Alexander:

Martin Sheen and Mitch Snyder, founder of Community for Creative Nonviolence

On location with Martin Sheen, left, and Mitch Snyder, founder of Community for Creative Nonviolence, right.

Steven Alexander, photo of National Gallery of Art in State Department's Embassy collection

Alexander’s photo of the National Gallery of Art is in the State Department’s permanent rotating Embassy Collection.

Alexander Wedding

             Steven and wife Areve dance at son Benjamin’s wedding, 2007.                [Photo by Vanessa Preziose,]


One response to “Steven L. Alexander

  1. James Whitt

    This may seem random but I have a Leica M2 35mm camera originally purchased in 1958, on the back it is engraved with the name Steven L. Alexander. This was my fathers camera, I know he did not purchase it new. I was wondering if maybe it had belonged to your father-in-law. I was looking up the name and found this web site. Hope to hear form you.

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