MomShopsWould you like my mom to do your grocery shopping for you?

Do you dread going to the supermarket each week?  Find it impossible to balance work, kids and finding enough time to grocery shop?

MomShops can fix that!  Susan shops at four-to-five different markets throughout the San Fernando Valley each week – finding you the best deals and the BEST QUALITY produce.  You can trust Amazon to send you boxed pasta, paper towels and canned goods, but can you trust them to pick the best avocados, cucumbers, salmon and apples for you?  NO!  Trust Susan.

Instead of spending hours doing your shopping, spend a few minutes making your shopping list.  E-mail it to Susan, and she’ll pick up whatever you need AND DELIVER it to your home.  She’ll even e-mail you some specials in advance, to see if you’re interested!

Whether you prefer organic or whatever’s on sale this week, let MomShop for you!  It couldn’t be easier.

Leave your information here, and Susan will get right back to you!


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