Another One About Networking.

networkingwordsSo is it me, or is there a craze sweeping the networking universe…a craze based on someone, somewhere, deciding that instead of letting people introduce themselves and talk about their business for 30 seconds, or a minute, or however long, it would be better to let people pair up and talk to each other for a fleeting moment, or possibly 2 minutes, and then introduce each other?

Who decided this is a good idea?????

Does anyone think that someone who has known you for two minutes can effectively share with a group of strangers, strangers whom you’ve paid for the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business so that sometime down the road they might refer potential clients to you, your passion for what you do???

And within the realm of people who think this is a great idea, why do some of them insist on standing up and saying that THEY ARE the person that they interviewed, instead of actually just introducing that person?  Did you not understand the assignment?

Really!?  [Where are Seth and Amy when you need them??]  You haven’t lived until you have seen a large Hispanic man stand up and say that he’s Jeanette, and he does accupuncture.  And even if there’s not gender confusion, there’s just plain first-person-mix-up confusion.  Today I was at a networking event at which this brilliant exercise was practiced (I bet you figured that out!?) and two lawyers were paired up, both male, both sole practitioners.  And Jay got up and introduced himself as Gary.  Or vice versa, I can’t remember, and I honestly won’t remember what either of them does, because oh yes, today’s networking event brought this ridiculous practice to a whole new level by having people get up one at a time, in no particular order, without the person they interviewed standing next to them.

Can we please all agree that I am the best person to talk about my business, and that’s likely true for everyone else out there?



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2 responses to “Another One About Networking.

  1. Susan Hazel

    What about this for the annoying alternate perspective?. If, in a 2 minute period, you’re not able to convey to a stranger who you are and what you do in an effective enough manner to allow that stranger to then essentially impersonate you, perhaps the lesson is that your delivery needs work. Now I’m quite sure that you’re not one of the people who might need their technique refined, but I think you’d agree that a lot of people can’t accurately communicate what it is they do in an easily digestible manner.

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