The One About The Dog Who Climbed The Tree

(or, Why Evelyn is Not A Documentary Filmmaker)

You probably won’t believe that our dog climbed a tree and ended up 12 feet above the ground.  If we didn’t have a witness, I’m quite sure there would only be two of us that believed it.  Since Benjamin’s cousin was here and saw it with his own eyes, there are three of us.

There are no pictures, because, well, I was suppressing the overwhelming urge to scream the whole time.  I didn’t want her to think I was in distress and try to run towards me.  And it was so horrifying to me that I really didn’t want to see proof of it again.

Chloe’s been having fun in her new backyard but this was a whole new situation altogether.  I kept asking if I should call the Fire Department.  I wonder how many times they get a call to rescue someone’s dog out of a tree?


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