The One About the Millennial Approach to National Security

millennial 2A few years ago, I attended a seminar that was geared towards helping people who sell products or services know their audiences better, based on their age group.  We heard from social scientists who have spent a considerable amount of time studying members of The Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and now Millennials.

So to be honest, I’m not surprised that Edward Snowden, the person who took it upon himself to reveal top secret intelligence gathering techniques of the National Security Agency, also known as PRISM, is 29 years old.  Millennials, I learned, are a group that feels strongly about community.  They work well together in teams, believe that groups come up with more desirable results, and are less concerned (as a general rule, there are exceptions, of course) about individual accomplishment than older cohorts.

And they invented crowdsourcing.

Edward Snowden, a high school dropout with top secret clearance (um, hello? anyone else see an issue here?) decided to crowdsource the concept of security surveillance.  Metaphorically, he posted it on Facebook to see how many “likes” it would get.

I believe it’s fair to note that he’s a high school dropout, and to remind you that high school seniors study US Government in their last year of high school.  This might be where Snowden would have learned that we live in a REPUBLIC, in which we elect representatives to make policy decisions for us, and not a direct democracy, in which everyone gets to decide every issue one by one (well, in California we have direct democracy on many things – you can see how well that’s worked for us….)

millennial 1By the way, you can see “how Millennial” you are here.  My score came up 29 out of 100, making me older than Gen X and younger than Baby Boomer.  Damn I’m predictable.

I wrote another piece about some ladies’ advice to me about our previous pooch awhile back.  I guess we are all pretty predictable!



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3 responses to “The One About the Millennial Approach to National Security

  1. Chris

    Interesting. I’m a little closer to GenX than you are, but very close to your score…

  2. Martine Spann

    I come up as a Millennial – very surprising because I’m a 62 year old trapped in a 42 year old body. 🙂

  3. Andrea Crounk

    I scored an 80. This is so depressing.

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