The One About A Cool Life Transitions Event for Women

Hello women friends!

I am co-hosting an event this coming Sunday, 4/28 sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women.  The event is called Sunday Salons: Life Transitions Workshops for Women, and there will be three different moderated breakout sessions geared towards women in different stages of life.  The groups, roughly, are “twenty-somethings,” called “Quarter Life,” geared towards women just finishing college and/or getting their career started, “Sandwich Generation,” geared towards women dealing with balancing marriage, kids, careers, aging parents, etc., and “Third Chapter,” geared towards women who have (or are just about to) leave the workplace, lost a spouse, etc.

If you are interested in coming, the workshops go from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday.  More information is here: and tickets are available here:

The event costs $15, with lunch included (certified Kosher).

The three flyers below have more information as well (click to enlarge).  Hope you can make it!!Quarter LifeSandwich

Third Chapter


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