The One About Black Bean Brownies

Well my last post generated a bit of controversy and lots of comments.  I’ll go back to cooking and recipes and leave my non-parent critiquing of other people’s parenting to the side, for now.

I have heard about using black beans in brownies for years.  I will admit I was skeptical.  So skeptical, in fact, that I made TWO black bean brownie recipes the other day, to compare and contrast.  The first ones came out SO BAD that I almost did not make the second recipe.  This recipe is simply horrible.  Do not try it.  Just trust me.  They were not chocolatey.  They were not delicious.  They tasted like wet sponge.  I threw the entire batch in the trash.

This recipe, on the other hand, came out amazing!  They are like the winning lottery ticket that I almost didn’t buy.  They are chocolatey, and gooey and fudgy inside.  These are Melissa Costello’s version – she runs the 30-day vegan cleanse sessions which I did last summer.  They are gluten-free and sugar free.  It’s possible that I may have added a few tablespoons of brown sugar, because the first recipe was so not sweet.  I also used regular chocolate chips and Melissa has you use grain sweetened or vegan chips.  Other than those minor changes, I have to tell you – make this recipe.  Make it now.  You’ve been looking for a great brownie recipe.  This is not a great black bean brownie recipe, it’s just a great brownie recipe, period!!



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  1. Hi,

    My company’s blog, Eco 18, has a very relevant article to yours posted. It’s also a recipe for black bean brownies. I feel that you and your readers will find it delicious and unique.

    Thank you!

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