The One About Yummy Christmas Treats

Do you know how easy it is to make fudge, and almond brittle?

Fudge takes about 15 minutes, and that includes toasting the walnuts first.  You basically just have to stand there and stir.  Click here for my favorite recipe.  Whomever invented Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme is my hero.

And when I learned how to make brittle a few years ago, people started treating me like an absolute genius.  It’s not much more complicated than fudge.  In fact it has six ingredients – and one of them is water.  Patience is the most important ingredient here – and having a candy thermometer is an absolute must.  You cannot stick your finger in and tell when a candy mixture is 300 degrees.

Click here for the recipe.  I make it with both roasted almonds and roasted cashews.  Makes a great gift and when you break it into large shards to give to people, thankfully smaller shards break off for you to taste!



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