The One About The Salad Bar.

Have you ever gone into the supermarket, just to get a thing or three, and gotten stalled at the salad bar?  One side of which is actually salad ingredients and the other half, dishes that you know you could make, if only you had the time?  And you can’t resist that yummy pasta-chicken-sun-dried-tomato-and-basil salad, even though they are going to make you cough up $5.79 a pound for it?

The salad that always stops me in my tracks is the artichoke hearts and hearts of palm salad.  Two of my absolute favorite things.  And seriously, this is not rocket science.

So the other day, while at the market and strangely knowing I had some time to cook that day, instead of getting stuck at the “salad” bar, I made my way to the canned vegetable aisle.  I bought a can of artichoke hearts, a can of hearts of palm, a jar of marinated mushrooms and a can of baby corn.

I brought them home and drained them all, then threw them in a bowl.  I chopped two  ribs of celery and about a quarter cup of red onion, and added a handful of kalamata olives (chopped roughly) and another handful(ish) of sun-dried tomatoes.  Then I stuck it in the fridge for a few hours.  The vegetables leached a little bit more liquid so I drained them again and dressed it lightly with some balsamic vinaigrette.

For about $9.00, I ended up with about three and a half pounds of this yummy marinated vegetable salad that I always covet.  It’s lasted three days so far – I just throw it onto some lettuce and voila!


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