The One About The Trucks.

A few days ago, the LA Times wrote a story about a Hollywood tour bus getting a ticket in front of Bob Barker’s hillside home.  This sounds ridiculous, right?  I mean, if we live in Hollywood (or close), we should expect tour buses to come by our house every day.  Right?

I wish I could describe to you the variety of vehicles that hire themselves out as “tour buses” in LA.  In fact – I will give it my best shot.  Some are nice luxury coaches, with darkened windows and I’m sure a lovely air conditioning system.  Some are crappy vans that look like they were rejected as Super Shuttles.  And some, like the ticket recipient described in the LA Times story, are vans with their tops cut off.  (how is this a good idea?!)  Natural A/C, I suppose you could say.  And their tour guides stand at the front of the van, talking into a microphone that is just one notch less annoying than the drivers who blast their radios so you can hear (and feel!) the bass about a block away.

Interestingly enough, these tour buses are not the most troublesome of the heavy trucks that cut through our old canyon roads every day.  We have cement trucks (which Officer Rolsen, referred to in the story, has told me weigh 65,000 lbs.), dirt-hauling trailers, school buses and all sorts of trucks that haul assorted stuff on trailers (I have seen tree-chippers, half a dozen porta-potties, don’t even get me started….).

And all of this would not be a concern if the road that I live off of, like most of the canyon roads that traverse the Santa Monica Mountains, connecting the San Fernando Valley to the Westside, weren’t built in the early 1900’s and not engineered for heavy vehicles.  My street has not been repaved in about 25 years, and it has the potholes to prove it.  After shaking many a city-employee tree, I’m under the impression that my street has become so bad that a simple repaving would not suffice; it would be like putting a band-aid on a bear bite.

There are signs posted ALL OVER THE PLACE that have a picture of a truck, with a red circle and slash through it, with the number 6,000 below it.  It’s pretty damn clear.  No trucks over 6,000 lbs. on this street.

So I wrote a letter to the LA Times, congratulating our officers for ticketing this tour bus and the many others he tickets every day.

You can see my original letter here:

LTE re. ticketing for oversized trucks, 8-29-11

And of course the LA Times shortened it, but it’s online here.  (scroll down to “Heavy vehicles, lightweight roads.)

That’s my soapbox today – I hate trucks.  Officer Rolsen – keep it up.


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