The One About Being a Vegan

….well, I’ve been a vegan for four days.  That is, I’ve been part of a group of about 25 people around the country, all supporting each other through a 30 day vegan “cleanse.”

Now, before you freak out, or think that I have freaked out, this is not one of those “cleanses” in which you can only consume lemonade spiked with cayenne pepper.  You can eat anything you want!  As long as it doesn’t have caffeine, sugar, gluten, alcohol or animal products in it.  And lest you think that leaves nothing to be consumed, I did a little Trader Joe’s shopping last weekend, and here’s what I ended up with:

Lots of good stuff in that cart!

And rest assured that I do not intend to eat vegan for the rest of my life.  Everyone has their own reason to do this – I think a month without all that stuff can only be good for my body.  While I thought that by now I would be craving some chicken wings or sushi, and planning where I would eat on Day 31, interestingly enough, I’m not.

And since I’m not a coffee drinker, unlike some of the others in the group, I am not feeling the daily loss of my morning jolt.   A chain iced tea-drinker, I’ve discovered herbal tea, and I may never switch back!

I made a delicious split pea and sweet potato soup (love the immersion blender!) – packed with protein and quite filling.

I made my tomatillo salsa, which on any other day I would put on top of chicken or fish, but which now I mix with brown rice or use as salad dressing.

Simple and versatile – throw a red onion, a handful of tomatillos and a few poblano peppers onto the barbeque, grill till the tomatillos start bubbling inside their skin and everything else is charred, chill for an hour or so and pop into a blender.  A great condiment – comes out a bit spicy.

Tomorrow is spinach/brown rice pasta with homemade red sauce.

No deprivation at all!

Will report back after the novelty has worn off…..



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3 responses to “The One About Being a Vegan

  1. Good luck with the “cleanse”. I tried a vegan cleanse about a year ago and it felt great. I’m still an “almost vegan” to this day. The hardest part… definitely going out to restaurants!! Good luck!

  2. Rebecca

    I haven’t eaten red meat or poultry for nearly 20 years. I would love to “go vegan” but I love love LOVE cheese! 30 days might be doable, though, and there are some really nice recipes on the site, too. Thanks for the link! Good luck, Evelyn! Let us know how you’re feeling in a week or two 🙂

  3. Such a fun read. Love your easy way of being. I’m in the group with you and finding it pretty easy so far too! Looking forward to reading more of your experience. 🙂 – Amber

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