The One About Giving Thanks.

I think we should give thanks more than once a year.  I guess in our own way, each of us does.

Start with the basics:  if you have your health, be thankful.  Thankful that you are here, being productive, and not wrangling with a bureaucracy that will actually drive you insane as you fight an insurance company to pay a health care bill to a doctor it told you was “covered” under their plan.

If you have your family, be thankful.  I have two friends who have lost brothers this year, one to illness and one to violence.  That’s not to say that neither of them is thankful – in fact both have been very strong in the face of their loss.  But I have not experienced this in my family recently, and as my mom, dad, husband, great aunt and I sit down to our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, I will be thankful for each of their being healthy and sitting there with me.

If you have a job, be thankful.  How many people do you know who don’t?  And who have been struggling to find work and pay the rent or the mortgage.  I have more than I can count at the moment.  And when I say be thankful – what I mean is this – if you are in a position to give work to others – hiring consultants or part-time assistance – do it.  There’s no better way to show how much you appreciate your fortunate situation than by helping others up the ladder.

If you  have friends, be thankful.  My cup runneth over in this regard.  True friends are hard to find, but if you are one – a good friend – they’re not so hard to keep.

And really – what else matters?  If you have your health, your family, a job and friends, what else could you possibly  need?

Have a great Thanksgiving.


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