The One About A Bad Experience at the Post Office.


A bad experience at the post office?

Not possible.

I know you are aghast with disbelief.

If you live in LA, and you go to the post office at the Federal Building at Wilshire and the 405, you might be fortunate enough to be helped by Mr. Roderick Bentley.  Mr. Roderick Bentley is a moderate-framed African-American gentleman, about 60-ish years old, who wears narrow glasses perched on his nose like a disapproving schoolmarm.  You won’t know right away that you are being helped by Mr. Roderick Bentley, because Mr. Roderick Bentley wears a name tag that is blank.  Unlike his pleasant colleagues, Terri and Sharon, who wear name tags that bear their respective names, Mr. Roderick Bentley does not want you to know his name.  In fact, should you ask for his name at the end of your transaction, he will most likely tell you what he told me:  “You can ask my supervisor.”

So I did.

Briefly, I went to the counter initially to mail 2 large envelopes, which I had addressed and taped closed with the only tape that had been sitting on the counter at the post office, which was “Express Mail” tape.  Mr. Roderick Bentley told me that I couldn’t use the “Express Mail” tape and then refused to offer me any other tape.  I suggested that the post office should have other tape available if they wouldn’t let you actually use the tape that was out on the counter.  He told me that what I thought didn’t really matter.  He told me my only option was to purchase tape.  So I did – I went and got the plain brown tape and chose to pay $3.50 for it, and I taped my envelopes with brown tape over the “Express Mail” tape.  I stood in line again and asked Mr. Roderick Bentley to mail my packages.  He told me he could still see the “Express Mail” tape under the brown tape.  I continued to add layers (and layers!) of brown tape and he continued to refuse to serve me.  He finally took the packages to the supervisor, asking if they were mailable, and she looked at him like he just landed from a spaceship.  “Yes,” she said, “They’re fine.”  After wasting about 8 minutes of time for myself and everyone in line, he finally processed my packages.

So when I said “helped by” above, I think I might have been exaggerating a bit.  “Have your presence tolerated briefly and brusquely by” might have been more appropriate.

I stood in line for a third time to speak with Ursula, the very pleasant supervisor of the Village Station branch of the post office at the Federal Building, to complain about this ridiculous treatment.  And while I was waiting in line to speak with Ursula, I witnessed Mr. Roderick Bentley being rude to another customer, and another person waiting in line to speak with the supervisor told me that he had been rude to her on multiple occasions as well.

When I finally spoke to Ursula, she was happy to share with me how to lodge a complaint about Mr. Roderick Bentley, and she was happy to tell me his name, though I noticed that she moved out of his line of sight and spoke in a low voice to me about him, as if even though she was the supervisor, he might still be above her in whatever pecking order exists at the Village Station post office branch.

Mr. Roderick Bentley plays the odds – I’m sure that neither of the other two customers to whom Mr. Roderick Bentley had given sub-par service (today) have complained about him, and I’m sure most of his unhappy and unsatisfied customers do not.  He kept checking to make sure I was still standing in that line.

So if you find yourself having what would not be an anomaly – a bad experience with Mr. Roderick Bentley – you will need this information:

On either the top or the bottom nav bar, click “Customer Service.”
Click “Send us an e-mail” in the “E-mail us” box.
Under “Inquiry type” select “Problem.”
Select the “Customer Service” tab and then select “Support.”
Then select “Personnel” and then “Sales & Service Associate” in the drop-down menus.

You can figure out the rest from there.

A bad customer service experience at the post office.

Go figure.

Bring it on – everyone has had them – tell me your bad post office experience stories!


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  1. Kristin

    I don’t have a current post office story, but have an unbelievable DMV experience to share if you want to start another topic of conversation.

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