The One Where I Tell You About The Lombard-Gable Suite

My business partner and I joined the Los Angeles Jewish Chamber of Commerce a few years ago, and we have become fairly active.  It’s a good group of people, and we refer business to each other and enjoy mixing with many of the people we’ve met through the Chamber.

Last week, the Chamber’s monthly mixer was hosted by the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the historic hotel built in 1927 that was the site of the very first Academy Awards.  It’s a beautiful hotel that has recently been acquired by Thompson Hotels, and they have done some beautiful renovation.  They also just joined the Jewish Chamber and happily provided appetizers and drinks for our poolside mixer.

One of the catering staff took us on a tour of the hotel.  We went to several banquet rooms, including the room in which the first Oscars were held, which would be a lovely site for a bar mitzvah or a wedding.  But the highlight of the tour was clearly our visit to the Lombard-Gable suite, a huge space on the top floor in which Carol Lombard and Clark Gable stayed when they were at the hotel.  And we were told that Brad and Angelina frequently stay in this suite, which costs between $3,000 and $7,000 per night, when they are in LA.

So the Lombard-Gable suite has three full bedrooms and three full bathrooms, one of which has a huge stainless steel bathtub just steps from the wet bar.  The entry area to the suite is a very large living/entertaining area, with couches and coffee tables, overlooking Hollywood Boulevard.  There are several flat screen TVs on the walls and it seemed that there was a camera facing Hollywood Boulevard with a live feed to these TVs.

Two of the bedrooms and bathrooms are on the entry level, but the largest bedroom and bathroom is up a steep flight of stairs.  The ceiling is original wood beam, painted decoratively.  And to top it all off, when you make it up to the upper bedroom, there is a door to a beautiful rooftop deck – the only room in the hotel that has one.  There are lounge chairs, tables, and 360-degree views so you can see downtown, the Hollywood hills, Griffith Observatory, all the way to Century City.  And when you are on this rooftop deck, you are standing right below the iconic “Hollywood Roosevelt” sign – you can see the back of it in the picture of me on the deck below!

All in all – a fun time – and if I were planning Benjamin’s 50th surprise party all over again – I might consider holding it in the Lombard-Gable suite!


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  1. Hi Evelyn,

    Very NICE Blog! Love it … especially the marathon entry … check out my post titled Run Robyn Run, and you’ll laugh … I’ll be running a marathon next year in honor of the big 50 … wanna run again? 🙂

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